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Biden supporters nowhere to be found on YouTube, current White House channel engagement dismal and extremely negative. Trump White House Archived channel boasts incredible like to dislike ratio and massive view counts.

Social media engagement isn’t everything, but when a president like Joe Biden claims more votes in the 2020 election than…

By Mike Johnson , in Politics Social Media US , at June 18, 2021 Tags: , ,

Social media engagement isn’t everything, but when a president like Joe Biden claims more votes in the 2020 election than any president in US history, you would think that his internet engagement would be incredible, matching at the very least or possibly even beating the prior administration’s.

The data we found indicates a shocking lack of engagement on the current White House YouTube channel [please view for yourself], with an incredibly negative like to dislike ratio on all of it’s videos.

Most of the Biden administration’s YouTube video content barely touches 5-10% of the view count achieved by the Archived Trump administration channel on YouTube, and the overall channel stats are astounding when compared side by side.

Biden White House Youtube Channel total view count – 30M views

Trump White House Archive Youtube Channel total view count – 201M

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The Archived Trump White House boosts an incredibly positive like to dislike ratio, along with a view count that is staggering in comparison to the current Biden white house. This happens in spite of the Biden white house channel being established at the exact same time as the Trump white house archive channel. This means that both channels had an even playing field for gathering engagement on the biggest online video platform, but the winner in terms of engagement and interest is clear.

It’s obvious when you look at these stats that the Youtube Channel data supports the genuine overwhelming popularity of Donald Trump even in spite of his presidential term concluding.

Here’s some of the evidence we gathered below.

Biden White House view counts on recent videos barely brush 20-30k views on average.
Consistently high dislike ratios can be observed on all of the Biden White House YouTube channel videos.
Even the inauguration video only touts 1.1M views, with an incredibly high amount of dislikes. Out of 81M Biden voters, apparently only 17k of them showed up to support this YouTube video.
In comparison, the Trump White House Archived channel’s latest videos reach anywhere from 250K-6.2M views, with dislike/like ratios that look like any popular YouTuber’s.
Here’s one example of a like/dislike ratio on the Trump White House Archived YouTube channel.
In comparison, even a simple press conference viewed 23K times was unable to gather more than 346 likes on the video, with the overwhelming response being negative.

Another example of the content engagement and like/dislike ratio on the Biden White House Youtube Channel.

With all of these examples, one has to ask themselves, where are the 81M Biden voters? The answer we find in this data is clear, they absolutely aren’t on YouTube watching the Biden administration’s videos.