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Independent conservative publishers get more video engagement than Fox, MSNBC, NBC or CNN, even with less channel subscribers

If they weren’t pre-loaded into every channel TV service, mainstream media companies like MSNBC, CNN and other similar mainstream news…

By Mike Johnson , in Opinion Politics Social Media US , at May 29, 2021 Tags: , ,

If they weren’t pre-loaded into every channel TV service, mainstream media companies like MSNBC, CNN and other similar mainstream news options wouldn’t be as relevant, many would argue.

Case in point, with some simple searching on Youtube and Facebook, we’re able to see just how much the average conservative journalist beats out these news sources.

*view averages will reference all creators or company channel’s 10-20 latest video stats for relevancy*

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For example, Tim Pool, an independent political commentator and journalist touts an average of 240k views per video that he publishes on Youtube (at 1.35M subscribers), while MSNBC (at 4.35M subscribers) maintains somewhere around 180k per video, with many of the videos slipping below 60k views if the videos do not mention Donald Trump.

Tim Pool’s latest videos on Youtube as of 5/29/21
MSNBC’s latest videos as of 5/29/21

Even Fleccas Talks, a conservative street-interview-style political commentator and journalist with only 558K subscribers is on the edge of beating out corporate media giant CNN (at 12.5M subscribers), with Fleccas talks at 133k/per video average and CNN barely ahead at 161k/per video average.

Fleccas Talks Youtube channel as of 5/29/21
CNN’s Youtube channel as of 5/29/21

Moving onto conservative heavyweights like Ben Shapiro (3.19M Subs/201k view avg) and Candace Owens (837k/270k view avg), both of these independent video producers absolutely obliterated all opposing mainstream news sources in engagement. We’ll list the opposition here in a quick-stat format to provide a rolling list.

Candace Owens (837k/270k view avg)

Ben Shapiro (3.19M Subs/201k view avg)

CNN (12.5M Subs/161k view avg)

MSNBC (4.35M Subs/108k view avg)

NBC News (5.54M Subs/76k view avg)

Fox News (7.34M Subs/21k view avg)

CNBC (1.56M Subs/8k view avg)

It’s also worth noting that even niche conservative commentators like Colion Noir (1.83M Subs/240k view avg), who creates political commentary surrounding almost solely second-amendment issues touts an impressive engagement ratio that also beats out every single mainstream source.

Colion Noir’s Youtube channel as of 5/29/21

The carnage didn’t stop when we left Youtube, on Facebook we found a similar or even most imbalanced engagement ratio against mainstream news. A prime example was CNN’s Facebook page which touts a massive 34M likes, but barely achieves a 66k view average. In contrast, conservative comedians and commentators The Hodgetwins, achieve an impressive 6.2M likes/368k view average on their page.

The Hodgetwins FB page video section 5/29/21
CNN’s FB page as of 5/29/21

As we stated earlier, if these media companies weren’t pre-loaded into every television set in the country, broadcasting at your work, doctor’s office and car dealership waiting room, would anyone care about them?

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